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Today, we are one of the leading groups in Spain and Turkey, with a strong presence in Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Chile, as well as in China through a participated company. The company also has a wide network of agents worldwide. Through our team of over 400 professionals with great experience in our sector Noatum Logistics we always put our motto “Excellence in Logistics Services” into practice by providing high quality services to our customers. Noatum Logistics is part of Noatum Maritime, a leading maritime, logistics and port services company thanks to an extensive experience gained in over 50 years of business. Today, Noatum Maritime it is renowned for the excellence of its service and its specialized and reliable staff who have made the company a benchmark in the sector. With a committed team of more than 1,100 professionals, Noatum Maritime is looking towards the future with a strategic vision and a strong international profile in the sectors of port infrastructures and related services.

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    Pl. Bandes de Música Comunitat Valenciana, 11,
    VALENCIA , 46013, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 0034657137094
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